Chakra Healing Sessions

Chakra Healing Sessions in Calgary

At Ayurkulam, we offer comprehensive chakra healing sessions in Calgary. Our experienced Ayurvedic doctors will assess your individual needs and develop a personalized chakra healing plan for you.

‘Each Chakra is responsible and is responsive to a certain area of our Lives.’

Vitality of the Chakras.

  • Chakras are a set of seven core-energy centers in the body. Chakras are located along the backbone while stretching from base of spine to crown of our heads. Of these, there are seven main Chakras influencing our spiritual, emotional, physical and creative states of ourselves.
  • A Chakra Healing Session can also be conducted remotely or otherwise in-person.
  • The healer or Vaidya of the session guides the client through each of the vital-chakras of the client's/patient’s body in order to help plus heal.
  • The Vaidya or Healer would use special spiritual-guidance's (also called Vaidya’s special gifts) during the course of the session to identify the blocks which are present in the patient’s body and then eradicate the blocks healing and balancing the blocks completely.
  • Once the blocks are removed from the patient’s body – energy begins to flow freely with a sense of rejuvenation once again afresh.
  • During the entire process of this energy-healing-session, Beej or Seed Mantra is used and Chakra-music is played.
  • Chakras govern our state of being as in each-Chakra holds key to a certain area of our Life, emotions, health and well-being and even has control over our mind and soul.
  • The frequency of certain-Chakras is sometimes disturbed, blocked and displaced maybe owing to various emotional and social disturbances in our lives or may be also due to the experiences from certain other people we come across in due course sometimes in our lives.
  • ‘Each Chakra is responsible and is responsive to a certain area of our Lives.’
  • It is of utmost importance that the healing of the Chakras must always be administered through sessions conducted by the expert guidance of responsible Healers or Vaidya’s.

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