Nadi Pareeksha

Nadi Pareeksha in Calgary

We provide Nadi Pareeksha service in Calgary. Nadi Pareeksha, also known as Nadi chikitsa or Ayurvedic pulse reading, serves as a diagnostic technique in Ayurveda for identifying physical and mental diseases, as well as imbalances in doshas. This diagnostic tool has been employed for over 5,000 years and encompasses various physical examinations and tests.

Nadi Pareeksha is an ancient and natural diagnostic method in Ayurveda that investigates and evaluates health by analyzing the functioning of the body's smallest cells. The term "Nadi" refers to the pulse, nerves, veins, arteries, and other channels through which physiological and biological signals flow. Ayurkulam offers a comprehensive approach to identifying the root causes of health issues rather than solely addressing symptoms. By understanding the predominant elements in one's body, it provides personalized and detailed prognoses for optimizing health.

A thorough diagnosis encompasses not only the physical body but also the thoughts, emotions, and feelings that influence overall well-being. Nadi Pariksha stands as the sole diagnostic method that delves into these aspects.

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