How does an Ayurvedic Physician ascertain a disease or imbalance in a patient?

An Ayurvedic Physician ascertains a disease or imbalance in a patient through Nadi Pariksha or Pulse diagnosis and Tongue Diagnosis.

What is meant by Nadi Pariksha or Pulse diagnosis?

Pulse diagnosis is a unique diagnosis method. It ascertains the disease, disorder or imbalance arising or raised in the patient through comprehensive understanding and accuracy of the examinations conducted by the concerned Vaidya.

What is meant by Panchakarma?

Ayurvedic Panchakarma, means ‘five-actions’ of purification of the complete body. It is a programmed with long-lasting health-benefits.

Is Ayurvedic Treatment personalized in approach?

Yes, it is absolutely true that Ayurvedic Treatment is ‘Tailor-made’ or personalized in approach. As the Ayurvedic-practitioner prescribes medications based on the patients personal-constitution.

Are Ayurvedic medications safe?

Ayurvedic medications and treatments are absolutely safe. Since, herbal-mineral formulations and herbs are prescribed in lines of treatment.

Do Ayurvedic-treatments have side-effects?

There lies an assurance of safety in consumption of Ayurvedic-medicines. These medications are herb-based natural products and not synthetic.

Does Ayurvedic-treatment prevent the ailment or just cures?

Prevention is better than cure is believed and it is absolutely true in case of Ayurvedic-treatment. Along with the practice of Yoga and meditation for a fruitful holistic-Life if one consumes certain food items as prescribed.

Can Ayurvedic medicines completely cure mental-disorders?

Yes of course, even in accordance to ancient-Indian historical texts, use of Ayurvedic-medications, unlike other courses of treatments can cure serious-mental-disorders. Ayurveda, since primitive-ages, is marked to cure completely even an extremely-complicated long term mental-illness called schizophrenia.

Why is massage therapy important in Ayurvedic treatment?

Overall maintenance of body, mind and the spirit are essential in accordance to the healing-science of Ayurveda. That is why for complete wellness and relaxation warm-oil medicinal massage from head to soles are administered in several Ayurvedic-treatments.