Initial Ayurvedic Condition

A ‘Vaidya’, would completely dress the wound of the wounded whether- physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Normally a visit to an Ayurvedic Physician Consultant is made when one feels uneasy in certain area of her or his life or is diseased.

A visit to an Ayurvedic Physician Consultant is absolutely necessary when one is aware that she or he is susceptible to the side-effects of medications of any other form of line of treatment caused by any discomfort, certain disease, ailment or disorder that the patient is suffering from or is apt to suffer from.

Generally, on a visit to the Ayurvedic Physician Consultant, the patient already knows the part of body or mind the patient is affected in. However, there are almost equal instances when the patient has no idea at all regarding the part or portion of her or his body and mind which is the source of discomfort to them.

The Ayurvedic Physician Consultant completely understands and comprehends to this situation or agony of the patient and with utmost humanitarian care caters to that or those parts of the patient's state where the patient is agonized. The primary-role of the Vaidya, upon greeting the patient begins with observing, empathizing and offering all that can be done for the patient structure-wise beginning with a set of questions.

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